Sunday, November 1st:
1. Flag Waving & Car Rally at Raymond James Stadium from 11am - 1PM

2. Car Caravan at 5051 66th St N, St Pete at 12:30 PM

3. Car Caravan rally (2PM) and Flag Waving at Weeki Wachi State Park (4PM)

4. A Night of Patriot Prayer at Conservative Grounds 13344 66th St, Largo at 6PM

Saturday, October 31st: Flag Waving in Orlando

Friday, October 30th: Flag Waving at Carrollwood Center
(Will upload later)
Thursday, October 29th: MAGA Event hosted by President Trump &First Lady at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa  - Florida

Tuesday, October 27th: MAGA Event hosted by Ivanka Trump at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota - FL

Sunday, October 25th
Voters Workshops + Flag Waving

Saturday , October 24th
Friday, October 23rd
(Will upload later)
Sunday, October 18th

Tampa Bay Trump Supporters, Community Patriots Tampa, Two 4 Trump, Vietnamese Americans for Trump 2020, & TAPA are joining forces to host a Patriotic Trump Flag/Sign Wave Rally and a Trump Car Parade around Raymond James Stadium simultaneously!
Park and join us to wave flags or join the car parade circling the stadium from 11am to 1pm.

Parade route will be circling the stadium. From Columbus go North on Dale Mabry to East on MLK to South on Himes to West on Columbus to North on Dale Mabry and repeat! Just join in the parade whatever time you arrive from 11am to 1pm.

SATURDAY 10/17: 

A. 8:AM - MAGA BOAT RALLY  - Hosted by Vietnamese Americans for Trump and TAPA:





MAGA in the BAY at Shark Tower to the Pier at 10AM

B. 11:00 - Flag Waving 4051 66th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33709

C. 2:00 PM - Trump Train Car Caravan 
Walgreens @ 814 Cleveland St
Clearwater, FL 

D.  From 1PM to 3PM - Workshop in St Pete for First time Vietnamese American voters: How to use the ballot. Understand the questions. Who you will vote for. 

Free booklet of Republican Candidates and voting guidelines for voters in Pinellas County

FRIDAY 10/16: MAGA Flag Waving - Back The Blue at Carrollwood Center with the North Tampa Republicans




THURSDAY 10/15: Flag Waving to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

5:00 PM

Latinos For Trump Headquarter


Tampa. FL 33615



10/14 - Wednesday: Tampa Bay Trump Supporters MAGPA Flag Waving at  5PM



SATURDAY 10/11: Rally for Trump in Orlando


SUNDAY 10/4: Flag Waving & Caravan - hosted by VA for Trump 2020, TAPA, & APA

1:00 PM

5051 66th St N

St Petersburg, FL 33709

(We will provide more information of the caravan's route later)


Friday 10/2: MAGA event - Hosted by President Trump in Orlando

WEEK 9/21 - 9/27:

9/24: 7 PM - Join President Donald J. Trump for a Great American Comeback Event in Jacksonville, Florida

Thursday, September 24, 2020

07:00 pm (EDT)
Doors Open: 04:00 pm
Cecil Airport
13365 Simpson Way
Jacksonville, FL, 32221







9/26: 10 AM Viet & APA for Trump Caravan

Saturday, September 26, 2020

12220 Atlantic Blvd

JAX, FL 32225


WEEKEND: 9/19 - 9/20:

Schedule for the Vietnamese Americans in Tampa Bay:

Saturday 9/19/2020:

10 AM: Flags waving at Bicentennial Park
565 Tom Stuart Causeway
Madeira Beach - FL 33708



12 PM: Lunch at Pho 97 on 49th

1:30 PM: Car Parade at Walgreens Parking lot
814 Cleveland St
Clearwater- FL 33755



Evening's events: 

5PM: Women for Trump

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7PM: Vu Lan at several temples.



Voter Registration In Tampa: Tịnh Xá Hoa Lâm
8408 N Willow Ave
Tampa - FL 33604
7PM - 10:30 PM



Voter Registration in St Pete: Chua Phat Phap

Sunday 9/20/2020





4 AM: Tập họp lại chỗ vp BS Thanh Mỹ nếu những ai muốn đi chung.
Nếu không sẽ gặp nhau tại Margate:

Village Plaza
1404 SR 7
Margate, FL 33063

9 AM: Caravan starts

* Voter registration at Nha Tho Giao Xu Thanh Tu Vi Dao luc 9 am.

9/19/2020: Người Mỹ gốc Việt vùng DFW tổ chức diễn hành xe ủng hộ TT Donald Trump

Photos and Videos: 





Rally and Caravan/Parade on September 12, 2020

Time:    1PM – 2:45PM: The Rally

3:00 PM: The Caravan Parade

Hosted by the Vietnamese Americans in Tampa Bay –

Contact: Ann: (813) 570-0122, truongdominhanh@gmail.com

                 Thanh: (727)272-1115 or Thanhmy: (813)731-9164

- Dr. Thanhmy Nguyen – Chairperson of Vietnamese Americans for Trump/Pence 2020

- Ms. Ann Nguyen – Member of TAPA (VA for Trump As President Again)

- Mrs. Nga Nguyen Phuoc – Chairperson of the Vietnam Cultural Center

-  Ms. Esther Truong – Pastor of Vietnamese Bethel Church of Tampa


A.      Nha Vietnam (3850 W Waters Ave, Tampa – FL 33614) - Rally

B.      Citylife Church (8411 N Dale Mabry Blvd, Tampa – FL 33614) – Caravan Parade (parking here)

1.       At 12:30 PM: taking photos and interviewing with Local News

2.       Beginning at 1pm at the lawn in front of Nha Vietnam: Playing National Anthems (America & Vietnam)

3.       Prayers for America and Americans and short Speeches of a few Leaders to start the rally

4.       Give away flyers and wave flags.

       Participants stand on the sidewalk,  of the corner of Nha Vietnam- will divide by two groups and cross the street around 

       At 2:00 PM. Group A go to Burger King, Group B go to PNC Bank (toward Lien Hoa Market)

      At 2:30 PM, two groups cross the street again to meet at the church.

5.       At 2:45 PM – Ending the rally and starting caravan parade at 3:00PM. Parking assignment: Tampa= Parking #1, St Pete= Parking# 2, Orlando= Parking#3)

6.       The route for The Caravan Parade:

·         From the church parking lot facing Dale Mabry Blvd turn right (go North of Dale Mabry)

·         U-turn on Humphrey St to go South of Dale Mabry Blvd

·         Pass the Tampa Stadium (Orlando group can leave by taking exit I-275 N to I-4)

·         Right on Gandy Blvd (St Pete group can leave by taking exit Gandy Bridge)

·         Right on Westshore Blvd (Tampa group’s still in a rally)

·         Right on Kennedy Blvd

·         Left on Dale Mabry (End the parade at 8350 W Waters)


Please email us for registration with your name, organization name, phone#, City, and number of cars.

The Locations

The Route: From the Church to S Gandy to N Westshore to E Kennedy to starting point

(Estimate time: 1 hour 30')

Rally and Caravan Parade on September 12, 2020

Thời gian:    1PM – 2:45PM: The Rally

                       3:00PM: Diễn Hành bằng Xe

Tổ chức bởi Cộng Đồng Người Mỹ Gốc Việt tại vùng Tampa Bay –

Liên lạc: Minh Ánh (813) 570-0122, truongdominhanh@gmail.com,

                Thành: (727)272-1115 hay BS Thanh Mỹ: (813)731-9164

- Bác Sĩ Thanh Mỹ - Chủ tịch hội Người Mỹ Gốc Việt tại vùng Tampa Bay Ủng Hộ Trump/Pence 2020

- Cô Minh Ánh – Thành viên TAPA (VA for Trump As President Again)

- Mục Sư Esther Trương –  Nhà thờ Bê-Tên Tampa

- Bà Nga Nguyễn Phước – Chủ tịch Nhà Việt Nam

Địa điểm:

A.            Nhà Việt nam (3850 W Waters Ave, Tampa – FL 33614) - Vận động Ủng hộ

B.            Citylife Church (8411 N Dale Mabry Blvd, Tampa – FL 33614) – Ủng Hộ Diễn Hành bằng Xe (đậu xe tại đây)

1.            12:30 PM - Chụp hình lưu niệm và phỏng vấn với các đài địa phương

2.            Chương trình bắt đầu lúc 1 giờ tại bãi cỏ trước Nhà Việt Nam: Chào cờ Hoa Kỳ và Việt Nam

3.            Lời mở đầu và cầu nguyện cho nước Mỹ

4.            Trao tờ rơi

5.            2:00PM Những người tham gia đứng trên vỉa hè, góc Nhà Việt Nam- sẽ chia thành hai nhóm và băng qua đường 

Nhóm A đi qua Burger King, 

Nhóm B đi qua Ngân hàng PNC (hướng Chợ Liên Hoa)

6.           2:20 PM  - hai nhóm lại băng qua đường để gặp nhau tại nhà thờ.CityLife Church (8411 N Dale Mabry) 

7.           2:45 PM – Chấm dứt chương trình rally, chuẩn bị diễn hành

8.           3:00PM. - Bắt đầu diễn hành Caravan Parade

(Đậu xe tại nhà thờ theo tứ tự sau: Tampa= Parking #1, St Pete= Parking# 2, Orlando= Parking#3. Nhóm nào muốn diễn hành cho tới cuối cùng lộ trình xin vào parking #1)

9.            Lộ trình của diễn hành:

•             Từ nhà thờ các nhóm sẽ rời theo thứ tự quẹo phải tại Dale Mabry

•             Quay đầu tại đèn giao thông đường Humphrey St để về hướng Nam của Dale Mabry

•             Băng qua khỏi Tampa Stadium (Nhóm Orlando có thể rời đoàn lấy exit I-275 N về I-4 E)

•             Quẹo phải tại đại lộ Gandy Blvd (Nhóm St Pete có thể rời đoàn lấy exit Gandy Bridge)

•             Quẹo phải tại Westshore Blvd (Nhóm Tampa vẫn giữ nguyên đoàn diễn hành)

•             Quẹo phải tại Kennedy Blvd 

•             Quẹo trái tại Dale Mabry (Chấm dứt diễn hành tại Nhà Việt Nam - 8350 W Waters)

Xin vui lòng gởi email ghi danh với tên người tham dự, tên hội, số điện thoại, thành phố cư ngụ, và số lượng xe tham gia.


TWO4TRUMP, COMMUNITY PATRIOTS, AND TAMPA BAY TRUMP SUPPORTERS, & VIETNAMESE AMERICANS FOR TRUMP2020 are joining  forces to host a MAGA Sign and Flag Waving Event to honor those that lost their lives during the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001!   They will never be forgotten!!!    

Fred Ball Park: 2621 Bayshore Blvd Tampa, Friday 9/11/2020, 5pm till 7pm                                           

In addition this event will be to show support for our first responders, police officers, members of our military, President Trump, and America herself!!              

If you value your freedom as we do, (which is now under attack by the socialist left) we encourage you to share this information with everyone you know, and make plans to attend yourself!! 

Candidates from Hillsborough County have been invited to attend and entertain questions.

A Voters Registration table will be provided.



BOAT RALLY September 6, 2020 
Organized by Vietnamese Americans for Trump FL2020




9/6/2020: NV's Rally

July 2020: Phong trào Ủng Hộ TT Trump bằng Tấm Chi Phiếu:

Kính thưa quý vị đồng hương,

Chúng tôi đang tạo một phong trào ủng hộ TT Trump gọi là Rally For Trump.

Vì nạn đại dịch CCP (cúm Tàu Cộng), chúng ta không thể tới tham dự các rally, nên chúng tôi nhóm TAPA (Trump As President Again) kêu gọi quý vị hưởng ứng phong trào này để hổ trợ tinh thần cho TT Trump, để ông vững niềm tin và tiếp tục thực hiện những chính sách cần thiết trước mắt đem lại sự ổn định và an ninh cho đất nước Hoa kỳ. Và sau đó là chống lai sự bành trướng của Trung Cộng.

Xin quý vị hãy in hay chép tay bản Anh ngữ của bức thư dưới đây, ký 1 một tấm chi phiếu cho 

RNC Presidential Advisory Board 

(Số tiền tùy hỉ theo khả năng, và gởi chung về địa chỉ Ban vận động tranh cử Tổng Thống của đảng Cộng Hoà):

Presidential Advisory Board
Republican National Committee
P.O. Box 96994
Washington DC 20090-6994

Xin hoan hỉ phổ biến rộng rãi.

Thành thật cảm ơn quý vị.

Thơ Mẫu (có thể sửa đổi tùy theo hoàn cảnh và tâm tình của quý vị):

Dear President Donald Trump,

We, the Vietnamese Americans, resettled in the United States since 1975 when the American government abandoned South Vietnam by cutting all military supplies and financial aids for The Republic of Vietnam, and the Communists took advantage of it by breaking the Paris Peace Accord to illegally invade, and to take over South Vietnam.

After the fall of Saigon, a half million of South Vietnamese lost their lives in the sea or while crossing borders to Cambodia and Thailand to escape Vietnam to find freedom. Hundreds of thousands of former soldiers, officers, and officials of the Republic of Vietnam died of hunger, exhaustion, and torture in hard-labor concentration camps; and their families were maltreated, evicted from their homes, and forced to the economic barren zones.

Later in 1990, under the Humanitarian Operation (H.O.) Program sponsored by the American government, those former political prisoners and their families were gradually allowed to leave Vietnam to start their new life in America.

We, the refugees, immigrants, and veterans of The Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces, presently as citizens of the United States, are thankful for the new opportunities offered to us, and deeply grateful to America - the country that opens its heart to accept us and gives us a second life and a bright future for our children.

We don’t like and totally reject Communism and Marxism because it impoverished our country and killed our innocent people. We strongly support your policies and how your administration has done for America.

We feel regrettable that we cannot rally to show you our support in person due to the CCP Virus; however, we would like to show you our assistance by sending you our humble checks.

Regardless of various distorted news and polls from some sources of the media herein, you will find our small contributions as an act of appreciation of what you’ve done for our country and for us, and as a thank-you note from our Vietnamese Americans.

We are behind you with our 100% support to “Make America Great Again”.

May God bless America, our President, and Us all!

Sincerely yours,

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