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Trump Supporters Outside Walter Reed Call for Prayers, Well Wishes as President Treated for Virus

Crowds gathered outside Walter Reed Hospital, where President Trump is being treated for coronavirus

Published October 3, 2020 • Updated 8 seconds ago


Supporters sending well-wishes to President Donald Trump, who has COVID-19, gathered outside Walter Reed Hospital on Saturday to wish the country’s most prominent patient a speedy recovery.

Dozens of people stood outside the hospital waving Trump 2020 flags and holding signs on Saturday evening.

Police moved demonstrators across the street and both directions of Rockville Pike were shut down outside Walter Reed about 8 p.m. as police investigated a suspicious package outside. Police cleared the package and allowed Trump supporters to go back to the hospital gate a couple of hours later. Rockville Pike has reopened.

"This is not about - it's not about race. It's not about your political affiliation, right, it's about … being [patriotic]. We are all American. We are standing behind you," one man told News4's Darcy Spencer.

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"The country needs him. The world needs him too," a woman said.

"I think people should just put everything aside and just wish him better because coronavirus is a very dangerous virus and he's an elderly man. So, everyone should just pray for his safety and pray for that he makes it out of this safely," one man said.

A group of supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden could be seen demonstrating across the street from the hospital.

News4's Darcy Spencer reports demonstrations were largely peaceful in the afternoon aside from an argument between a Trump supporter and someone carrying a Black Lives Matter sign.

NBC News reporter earlier in the day that tensions grew at one point when anti-Trump protesters arrived.

A minor physical altercation broke out between a supporter of Trump who was not wearing a mask and an anti-Trump protester outside the hospital, according to NBC News. No arrests were reported.

A handful of supporters arrived outside the hospital before 9 a.m. to show their support with a Trump 2020 campaign flag and an American flag.



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