Twitter Shills For Biden: Trump Asked Twitter To Flag 'Manipulated Ad' & They Did This

The Trump campaign asked Twitter on Tuesday to flag a manipulative video aired by Joe Biden’s campaign where they took Trump’s words out of context, but the company declined to label the video as manipulated.

The video implies that there is a contradiction to what Trump says in public versus in private on the coronavirus, blaming him of lying to the public. One of the examples of Trump's public comments in the video is from a Feb. 28 campaign rally at which Trump appears to be calling the coronavirus a hoax.

"The coronavirus, and this is their new hoax," Trump is heard saying in the manipulated video.

The president did not say "this is their new hoax" immediately after he said "coronavirus" in his original comments, as the edited video appears to show so. He made the hoax comment a few sentences afterwards. Trump was still talking about the coronavirus when he said the "hoax" part of the comment, but it was in reference to the media and how it covered his impeachment trial.

But the Biden campaign still used the wrong reference to the clip on Tuesday. And after a request from the Trump campaign to label the video as manipulated, Twitter said that it will not label the video as manipulated media. Possibly because the video was published by their own left-leaning people.

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