The Wrong Path: Please STOP!

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Dear young Vietnamese Americans:

Please wake up and stop your ignorant acts:

Why do you support Biden?
We would like to know.

His 47 years in the US Government including 8 years as Vice President has not shown anything good.
Can you name one thing that he did for our country that’s worthy to praise?

What are his promises?
Bringing equality by taxing more to citizen who made $400 K +/year?
=> that’s robbery and immoral!

Opening the border for illegal immigrants and Imposing more taxes on Americans to take care of them while neglecting our homeless citizens => that’s hypocrisy and stupidity!

Letting more illegal immigrants in without any proper legal process will bring more crimes into our country => that’s dangerous

Supporting violent BLM protests and letting them loot, riot, vandalize, rape ... => that’s racism. He divides our country and discriminates other citizens from different ethnics.

The solutions for our country is Populism.
All Lives Matter.

Regardless of your skin color:
1. If you don’t follow the laws and instructions of the law officers => you endanger your life. Don’t blame anyone.

2. If you don’t follow CDC guidelines and are infected by the Covid-19 => don’t blame anyone else.

3. If you don’t work hard and save money => don’t whine and make the government or other Americans to take care of you.

4. If the Black citizens feel they’ve been discriminated because their ancestors were slaves => let them speak. They are not helpless. Many Blacks are rich, educated, and well-known. They don’t need you- a White, Brown, Red, or Yellow... to interfere or take advantage of their origin to damage their reputation.

You scream racism, but actually you’re racist and an opportunist!!!

We’re all Americans.
Do not separate us by screaming “I am a minority!”
Let’s build our nation together.
You support Biden means you want to destroy America!

As your parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents we urge you to ask yourself: Why do you support the Democrats and Progressive?

If you want to know the truth about Marxism: ask any refugees from China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and N. Korea. They will be glad to give you their bloody experience.
If you still not believe us you can denounce your US citizenship and become the citizen of those country to learn the real lessons and gain the unforgettable experience for life!

Ann Nguyen

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